Anne Gram B.V. is an independent advisor for both suppliers and clients of investment solutions.

Having worked many years in the investment management industry, I have gained significant experience at senior level both with institutional investors as well in the private wealth management arena.

This expertise is used for advisory assignments in the following areas:

  • Pension fund board advisor
  • Investment committee advisor, chair-(wo)man
  • Total investment oversight for (outsourced) investment portfolio
  • Investment strategy and -process (re-)design
  • Assesment and advice related to Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Asset allocation cash flow and allocation
  • Ongoing investment strategy and portfolio management
  • Advise and investment education of (pension fund) board/trustees
  • Advise on balance sheet management related challenges
  • Investment evaluation at various levels
  • Interim management assignment at Chief Investment Officer level
  • Reporting, reviews
  • Presentations for clients, boards and other stakeholders
  • Interim (investment) team management
  • Ethical standards and compliance issues



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